Credit for Business

The structuring and distribution team has a deep knowledge of the Brazilian credit market, having worked in leading financial institutions in credit, origination, structuring and fixed income asset management. Extensive experience in structuring loans with real guarantees, performance guarantees, renegotiating loans and risk management.

Short Term Credit – Loan to high middle companies in Brazil, collateralized by trade receivables with duration of approx. 2-3 months.

Mid Term Credit – Corporate Credit/working capital debt structured through bonds, promissory notes with average of 80% trade receivables as  credit enhancement. Product focused on collateralization balancing risk x return.

Long Term Credit – Loan based on real estate: urban (residential) and lots/development – low income. Approx. 4 year duration with monthly amortization and at least 120% collateral through real state credit structures.

Fixed Income Strategy – 40% structured credit based on our origination, sovereign and quasi-sovereign assets, high graded banks, opportunities on the secondary market.

Hybrid Instrument – Investments with debt structure with an equity component return (e.g. convertible bond). ~100MM BRL committed capital

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